Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What We're Reading : Slowfire A Beginner's Guide To Barbeque

Cookbook : Slowfire A Beginner's Guide To Barbeque, on the BBQ From the title, the book appears to be written for the novice but anyone with a penchant for perfecting their barbeque techniques can benefit.
Let’s face it, your ribs might rock but your brisket might be another story.

Written a bit more like a DIY manual than cookbook, the first portion of the book reviews the tools of the trade and explains that good b-b-q is cooked at 225 – 250 for a long time. While barbeque is traditionally cooked over wood coals, it is possible to achieve great results on a gas grill and Lampe confirms this (the trick is low indirect heat).

While the author lists various tools including water and gas smokers for information and education, and yes, even the traditional Weber Kettle,  I don’t see why the reader can’t make this section really useful by leaving hints in the margins – Santa sometimes needs gift suggestions!

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