Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Best #Hashtag Ever ~ From @SunnyAnderson

 You're It!

Leave it to Sunny Anderson to put a punny foodie spin on one of twitter's mainstays : the hashtag.

Sunny is familiar to most people as the host and star of Cooking For Real on the Food Network, but did you know that she also served in the Air Force? I know, pretty cool right! Well she did grow up as a military kid, so combine those travels to Germany and Korea with her New Orleans heritage, and you've got one awesome foodie background! Don't worry, I am not going to make a Seoul Food pun.

Word on the street is that Sunny is working on a new show AND a new cookbook, but in the meantime her recipes are available on her website  Just like the title of her most recent Food Network series, these recipes are "Cooking For Real." Seriously, real people who work real jobs and have to do an unreal amount of stuff when they get home can impress the family and random guest with receipe she's created.

These original t-shirts, along with other foodie apparel and aprons are available on her website Be sure to check out "Three Dog Night."

Of course you can also follow Sunny on Twitter at @SunnyAnderson