Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ingredients Matter : Elevation Burger

Elevation Burger uses only free range organic grass fed beef which is ground on premises (those of you who have atteneded any of my classes know how grinding my own beef and not relying on pre-ground meat has become a new foodie obsession of mine. I'll write more on that some other time). The beef at EB is actually, well, beefy. Surprise : Omega 3 is naturally occuring in free range beef (stockyard cattle are fed mass quantities of corn, which not only changes the taste and texture, but increases fat and bad cholesterol). The other bright spot on the menu is the fries. They are just potatoes, peeled and cut on site, and cooked in olive oil. Its a totally different flavor spectrum than most burger joint fries which contain more than potatoes.

Going gluten free? Most fries at other places have a flour coating that makes them brown more quickly for a more photogenic appearance. No flour on the elevation burger fries - so they are gluten free! Plus, you can order your burger gluten free as well - instead of a bun you can order it wrapped in lettuce. (so its gluten free AND no carbs!) Of course regular burgers come with a bun, but ordering one "Protein Style" reminds me of home in California.
It gets better - the founders of Elevation Burger started the company because they couldn't find a good burger outside of California. (tell me about it!) But as a SoCal boy, I gotta admit, the folks at In-N-Out have something to worry about. (now if Elevation Burger could just do something about the weather in the Garden State I'd never want to got back home!)

In addition to the organic beef burgers, Elevation Burger also features Veggie Burgers - a Vegetarian Version as well as a Vegan variety. Both are pretty amazing. Don't get me started on the shakes - I could go on for paragraphs on them. (perhaps I will have to do an entire blog post just on shakes, what do you think?)

And if that were not enough, the owners of Elevation Burger are dedicated to Montclair and the surrounding communities. They frequently have fundraiser nights at which a percentage of all sales for the evening go to a particular group or charity. In the past EB has raised funds for the Montclair - Glen Ridge - Nutley chapter of the Red Cross, Friends of Anderson Park, YMCA Summer Camp Scholarships, and several athletic organizations.

Elevation Burer is located on Bloomfield Avenue Montclair at the corner of North Willow. Parking is in the rear.