Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Compostable : Egg Shells

Egg Shells Are For The Birds We all use eggs - for everything from breakfast, to baking, to meatloaf however most of us don't think of the shells as anything more than trash.

Eggshells are actually high in calcium, something many of us don't immediately realize. When added to the compost, the shells break down and their calcium becomes a part of the organic matter that makes our gardens great sources of culinary and visual appeal. So what, right?

Calcium is an important for plant growth and strong stems, but more importantly some of that calcium becomes a part of the plant and, if its something consumable there is a small, but undeniable, health benefit. Think about it, we often think of calcium as coming from cows milk, but where do cows get it, eating grass which draws minerals from the earth. Tossing eggshells into the compost isn't going to replace other calcium sources in the diet, but it won't hurt. And given the thousands of eggs that were a part of breakfast in your town today if everyone added eggshells to their compost that would mean a lot less trash headed to the landfill.