Thursday, October 4, 2012

Save The Date : 26 October Montclair Fall Classic Of Food

Just announced ~ lunch with two of the areas best chefs to aid the Montclair Salvation Army Citadel.

The Salvation Army, known for its kettles at Christmastide, is one of the the largest aid organizations in the world. When founded in England in the 19th Century, the first people helped by the Salvation Army were alcoholics, addicts, and other "undesirables" shunned by traditional polite society. Many became leaders in the organization and expanded its mission from England to more than 120 countries today.

While prohibitions on alcohol and drugs remain, the Salvation Army's assistance currently reaches all in need including those still affected by the 2008 financial crisis. As more details emerge about this important lunch they will be shared, in the meantime save the date : Friday 26 October.