Wednesday, October 17, 2012

@WilliamsSonoma Thanksgiving Preview : Thursday 18 October in Upper Montclair

Williams-Sonoma’s Thanksgiving Preview Is Thursday 18 October in Upper Montclair And You’re Invited!

We haven’t even gotten to Dios De La Muerte yet and people are already talking Thanksgiving, but why not, we all have so much for which to be Thankful. Despite everything you have heard, Thanksgiving does not have to be a stressful under taking, the folks at Williams-Sonoma in Upper Montclair will prove this Thursday evening.

The culinary team at Williams Sonoma will be working most of the day Thursday preparing a full complement of Thanksgiving favourites, including a turkey prepared with the all new Buttermilk Brining Blend. The team was spotted on Tuesday evening gathering pie pans, and roasting pans, and baking dishes in preparation of the big event so I know the samples are going to be great (they just haven’t released all the details to the foodie press yet! ARGH!)

@WilliamsSonoma 's Muirhead Pumpkin Butter One little known secret about the event is that a special 10% discount on purchases made during and immediately after the event will be given to all attendees. There are some exclusions in knives, French cookware and some other items but the “gotta have it” items like Turkey Gravy and Stuffing Starter are included.

Here’s another great bit of news: the Steamed Chestnuts that are oh so popular but tend to disappear from the store shelves in Mid-November are in stock. The best by date on the jars is sometime in 2015 so Thursday is the time to stock up for this great addition to stuffing. The steamed chestnuts are also a wonderful addition to Panetone and other holiday baking. If you stock up on too many jars, they are great chopped and added to mashed sweet potatoes with a little brown butter drizzle. Or how about chopped and sprinkled over butternut squash soup?

The Cranberry Relish is also in stock. The traditional use is terrific, but save a jar for later in the season to spread between layers of a split round of Brie, then wrap in puff pastry for an elegant Twelfth Night treat! If you're following the recipes here on Black Tie and Flip Flops you know I have a thing for Muirhead Pumpkin Butter, a bread pudding recipe has alread posted and Pumpkin Pot de Creme will follow soon. (Pumpkin Butter is in stock right now too!) 

The Thanksgiving Preview starts at 5pm and continues until closing (8pm). Running late from work? No problem, there will be plenty to sample, and several culinary experts available to help answer your holiday entertaining questions. Williams Sonoma is located at 630 Valley Road, Montclair NJ 07043, on the corner of Lorraine Ave, across the street from the Gap.

Did I mention free food?  
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