Monday, November 19, 2012

Help Montclair's Itchy Pay For Medical Bills

Itchy Dressed For The Block Party
I met Itchy at the Montclair Animal Shelter's Block Party in 2011. A favourite of the kids who volunteer at the shelter, Itchy won me over too. (but there are too many best friends in my herd so as much as I would have loved to take Itchy home I could not.

Itchy was eventually adopted from the Montclair Township Animal Shelter by two good friends of the shelter but sadly is very ill with kidney issues.

Janet & Lou, Itchy's people are great wonderful souls and shelter volunteers. Lou works at the shelter part-time and Janet is a special ed teacher.

 Please help these compassionate and amazing folks pay for the vet care for this wonderful dog. Donate to the Chip-In Page to help Itchy.

Help Itchy's Medical Bills Here

(Oh yeah, so you're wondering about the name "Itchy" ~ it was given to him by one of the first children to meet him. It's a good thing he was scratching himself when she first met him, there's no telling what his name would have been if he was doing something else)