Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Downton Abbey Returns To PBS 6 January 2013 ~ But What To Serve As Snacks? #foodie

Downton Abbey will return to PBS in on Sunday 6 January 2013 with its third season but for those who missed the first two seasons a netflix viewing party is in order. Instead of the usual bagged snack foods why not try something a little Brit different.

Suggestions for the Downton Abbey snack menu :

Cucumber Sandwiches. A must! Thinly sliced cucumber, perhaps some with super thin radish, some watercress, or just some finely chopped dill.

Gentlemen's Quarters : Simple ham sandwiches onto which the bottom slice of bead is spread with hot english mustard and the top is spread with apricot preserves. The contrast of heat and sweet is brilliant!

Curry! (okay, it's not a period dish at all, but Tikka Masala is the national dish of the UK) Play with the concept and dash some curry or garam masala over buttered popcorn.

Of course everything should be served on the your best silver service. No silver, no problem! Wrap a chinet plate in Reynolds wrap and voila!