Thursday, December 6, 2012

Save The Dates : Great Cooking Classes At Kings Cooking Studio in Short Hills NJ

Coming in 2013 : more great classes from King's Cooking Studio in Short Hills. This past autumn I had the great pleasure of sharing "Perfectly Pumpkin" at King's Cooking Studio in Short Hills NJ. It was 3 hours of recipes, lots of recipes, sampling, laughter, and a lot of pots to wash.

In 2013 Kings welcomes me back with new players on the culinary stage. Registration isn't open (yet) but I couldn't help but start teasing the offerings!

Olive Oil – It’s More Than Salad Dressing ~ January 31
The Old Canal Inn Is Cooking With Gas!We’ve all heard it more times than we can remember: Olive Oil is heart healthy and we should all consume more of it, but how many salads can we eat! In this class we’re going to release Olive Oil from being trapped in the salad bowl and show how this golden liquid can be used for baking, cooking, and poaching both sweet and savory dishes.

The Classics – Remixed ~ February 8
We all grew up with them – those classic dishes that seem to grace every table in the land and remind us of all comforts of home, but sometimes we want something just a little bit different. In this course we’re going to break the rules, just a little bit, toss tradition to the wind but still remain classic. Flavors and techniques from foreign and domestic regions accent classic dishes while allowing their traditional heritage to shine through. You’ll learn how to make the North African staple, preserved lemons, and use them to brighten American dishes; risotto isn’t just a savory side dish; and macaroni and cheese can grow up while still satisfying the child in all of us. Who says baseball is all about hot dogs and apple pie? You’ll learn easy pulled pork that will score a home run every time and might start a summer tailgate revolution. Everyone loves bread pudding, this class will also include a savory bread pudding that is perfect for weeknight meals. You’ll also learn some simple changes to make ordinary side sides extraordinary. You’ll also be encouraged to ask questions and share ideas. Recipes for the dishes in class, as well as some extra remixed classics will be shared.

Le Salbuen Uses All-Clad Cookware My Favorite Cookbooks ~ February 28
 Having a mild cookbook addiction can be problematic, unless I can rationalize that addiction by sharing my obsession with others as I share these tour guides of a my culinary journey. In this class some recipes from some of my favorite books will be shared as well as discussions about why I found them to be among my favorites. In a time when celebrity chefs seem to be getting all the attention, some really good books are falling off the culinary radar. There will definitely be some surprises along the way.

Small Crowd – Big Flavor ~ March 22
What if you wanted the Easter flavor experience for a small group? You’ll learn new ways to make an intimate dinner for a small group that proves size doesn't matter. Recipes featured in this class also translate really well to other days of the year as well. In this course it’s all about big flavor and easy preparation so you can spend your time at the table instead of in the kitchen. A whole roasted chicken isn’t all that elegant, in this class we’ll bring the flavors big bird in individual, almost bistro style, servings. You’ll learn easy bold gratins that are more than potatoes, no torch crème brullee , and what would a John Lee class be without Ice Cream.

Make Ahead Feast ~ May 3
#4 Vegan Lentil Soup That Carnivores Love #photo365With Sunday Dinners for Mother’s Day and Fathers’ Day as the primary inspiration for this class you'll discover that preparation and cooking for a big event doesn’t have to mean you spend all day in the kitchen. Using a combination of techniques that are just coming into the mainstream, creative use of refrigerator space, and careful planning, your guests will think that you did spend all day in the kitchen! We’ll even make a stuffing from scratch, including baking the bread portion from scratch. In this course you’ll learn that a juicy chicken is foolproof with some make ahead tricks, gravy is super easy and stress –free, and green bean casserole can be made with all fresh ingredients. You’ll also learn that homemade soup and stuffing don’t have to be limited to autumn holidays. You’ll also learn grocery shopping tips and simple techniques to reduce calories, fat, and salt without sacrificing flavor.

Once online registration is available, links to the classes and more detailed descriptions will be shared.