Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Citizens Petition Whole Foods To Open A New Location in Bloomfield NJ

Bloomfield NJ is a suburban community with a storied past. With homes and commercial buildings dating back to the 18th Century, the township has seen its share of highlights and opportunities for a do-over.

 Located along New Jersey Transit's rail line into New York City, Bloomfield is at the beginning of a revival. Several redundant buildings located near the train station were recently bulldozed to make way for new commercial development. Bloomfield has even become a new force in the suburban food scene with Anthony's Cheesecake and the Orange Squirrel proving that one need not travel to Manhattan for a top drawer culinary experience.

As a part of the Bloomfield Renaissance, a group of citizens has launched a Change.org  petition to bring Austin Texas based Whole Foods to the new development.

The petition reads :

"The completion of a crucial redevelopment project in the area adjacent to the Bloomfield Train Station situated on Lackawanna Place (servicing NJ Transit's Midtown Direct service to Penn Station, NYC), in addition to numerous mixed-used developments surrounding the prestigious Broad St. and Bloomfield Ave. intersection, will inject new, vibrant energy as well as thousands of discerning customers in need of Whole Foods' unique brand of high quality natural foods into Bloomfield Center.

A complete overhaul of the commercial district is currently taking place, with exciting new projects underway such as a state of the art LEED-certified residence hall by Bloomfield College (featuring a Barnes & Noble and Starbucks), in addition to the restoration of the Bloomfield Train Station (on the New Jersey Historic Register), and an influx of alluring new high quality establishments, such as Garden State Yoga, Anthony's Cheesecake, JukGaJee New Thai Jersey Cuisine and Senorita's Mexican Grill, set the stage as complementary attractions for customers typically wanting a Whole Foods Market experience.

Furthermore, a dense population of customers who prefer to shop at Whole Foods Market, and none other, exist in the surrounding residential areas of Bloomfield's Watsessing Heights, Montclair's South End, Nutley, Clifton, Belleville and the entirety of Glen Ridge. While these customers may periodically visit existing Whole Foods establishments many miles away, a new, much more convenient location in Bloomfield Center would firmly cement Whole Foods Market as their exclusive grocer of choice, with many intending to make it a mainstay of their daily activities.
As informed, active and unserved potential customers, the signers of this petition request that Whole Foods Market establish a location in Bloomfield, New Jersey's Bloomfield Center."

To sign the Change.org  petition click here : Bring Whole Foods To The New Bloomfield Center