Thursday, March 14, 2013

Discovering South Africa's Jackass Penguins At Turtle Back Zoo West Orange NJ

Often called a "Jackass Penguin" because of the braying sound they make, Spheniscus demersus is the scientific name for the black footed penguin species native to South Western Africa.

African Penguins are the only species of Penguin on the African Continent. Considered a vulnerable species (meaning they are at risk of being endangered) most of the penguin colonies are found on the islands that extend from Port Elizabeth South Africa to Namibia. A few colonies can be found on the mainland but they have been known to be attacked by leopards, making them extremely vulnerable.

New Jersey is a long way from Africa, but this African Penguin at Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange makes its home in a rocky setting that is similar to Boulder's Beach near Cape Town.

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