Thursday, March 21, 2013

Food Bloggers Were Here : J & K Steakhouse Montclair NJ

J & K Steakhouse  opened this week on South Park Street in Montclair. I had the pleasure of being the first party not only to dine at the restauant but the first foodie team to report of this great addition to the Montclair dining scene. Truth be told Melody Kettle wrote about the experience and I did the food photography. Food Bloggers Were Here ~ J and K Steakhouse Montclair

Usually I am really good at making sure there aren't bits and pieces in the background of my photos. All those iPhones, soiled napkins, crumbs, and keys to a leased Audi just ruin the photos found on most food sites. When I found this photo I just had to share it! That stupid pen!

Forget stating that "for an opening night" things were great, had I not not known this was opening night I could not have been able to perceive that it was. The food was perfect, the service was the best in Montclair, and did I mention the food was perfect? Read the story about J & K Steakhouse   on Devil Gourmet