Saturday, March 2, 2013

Victory at Edgemont Park Montclair ~ or Why I Love My Telephoto Lens

Edgemont Park ~ November SnowstormCreated by Charles Keck in 1924 the War Memorial in Edgemont Park Montclair NJ features the names of those who gave their lives in World War I carved into the sides of the central obelisk.

To photograph the monument without an upward view one would have to stop along Valley Road for the proper angle but then the monument would appear small as it does here. (that photo was taken last fall)

Fast forward to the day I picked up my telephoto lens. I stopped in this exact spot to make Victory, atop the monument, my first photo through that lens. The second photo was the soldiers at the bottom. Depicted are a classical figure, a Revolutionary War soldier, and a World War I Doughboy.

Victory Atop The WWI Memorial at Edgemont Park Montclair NJ Honoring WWI Heroes ~ The Monument at Edgemont Park Montclair In grateful tribute to the men of Montclair who in the world war past the last full measure of devotion in defence of the American Principles of Liberty and Justice for All this monument has been erected by voluntary offerings of the people of Montclair MCMXXV