Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jersey Bites Editor Has Sexually Charged Meltdown On Facebook

Devil Gourmet is New Jersey's hot new Food and Restaurant website. Conceived in 2012, the first blog posts went live in early 2013. The site and team are growing exponentially. I am proud to be the editor and as such have had an open door regarding welcoming some of New Jersey's best food writing talent to join the fun.

I've been a fan of a particular writer for quite some time and invited them to join our team. They're an incredible writer, and like any good person with the authority to hire, I look for the best and brightest talent around. This particular writer had their own food blog that showcased their work. And man oh man, their food photography left me in envy, so of course I invited that person to join us. Companies hire good talent all the time, and I know that someday Bon Apetit or Food Network will hire this writer because they are that good.

So imagine my surprise when, upon turning on my computer this morning I discovered the following message from Deborah Smith, the editor of JerseyBites:

A scum bag (actually the term is spelled "scumbag", which any real editor would know) is a semen filled used condom. Pretty disgusting reference from a food writer if you ask me.

Anyway, without any provocation Deborah Smith has created a ruckus and many in the food community have seen her meltdown. For the record the concept of non-compete contracts is totally bogus. Additionally, many of her advertisers would probably be surprised that she doesn't pay any of her writers, she just uses their talent to line her own pockets.

Given how far this "editor" has taken this I feel compelled to share what she is writing about Devil Gourmet, and as someone with a  major role at Devil Gourmet, and the person responsible for recruiting the writer, I take the "Scum Bag" reference as a personal attack.

On a tangent, Traffic Bites, A Fender Bender Bites, Sunburn Bites, But JerseyBites? Never. I love the Garden State, I don't think Deborah does or she wouldn't have names her site that.