Friday, July 4, 2014

Devil Gourmet: Dine Out For The Best Garden State Eats This 4th Of July

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fireworks are so delightful, and since the food scene is the place to go, get up and go, get up and go, get up and go! 

In our over-scheduled, over extended, over the top lives setting up a grill, and cleaning said grill, is just about the last thing most of us want to do, but we do it anyway because those are the rules. Then along came Arthur and the rainstorms that pretty much cancelled or postponed most outdoor activities and set the stage for the best Fourth of July ever! Now everyone has the perfect excuse to go out for an enjoyable meal with family and friends without the scornful glances of your neighbor for breaking tradition. (you know the one, everyone has THAT neighbor)

As you start making plans to head out to some of the best restaurants in the Garden State, just remember, if THAT neighbor says anything to you, just tell him that "the Devil told me to do it!"

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