Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Save The Date: Terre a Terre / Chakra Chefs Team Up For Fall Dinner Oct 22

Following the success and reception of the Terre a Terre / Chakra Harvest Dinner in Paramus earlier this month, Chefs Todd Villani and Thomas Ciszak have decided to do it again, with a few new surprises, on October 22 at Terre a Terre in Carlstadt.

Each of these collaborative dinners showcase the flavors of the season from local sources including Bracco Farms, Terhune Orchards, and Shibumi Farm. The unique styles of each chef take what’s local and make it global.

The dinner at Terre a Terre will be a 5-course dinner, but instead of the usual wine pairing, tea will be paired with each course. Tea sommelier Chris Cason of Bergen County’s Tavalon will pair teas that were specially selected for the meal. Tea, like wine, has a complex profile, sadly in the American experience we’re become accustomed to bitter brews that include fannings and inferior teas. (sorry Lipton) Cason will explain the nuances of each tea and perhaps will open a whole new world of beverages for the dinner guests.

Call Terre a Terre at (201) 507-0500 to reserve your space today. 

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