Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Macarons - Now At @AsaltAndButtery

Asalt and Buttery, the East Coast's favorite destination for Authentic French Macarons, introduces a new flavor: Dark Chocolate Pomegranate. Valrhona Caribe and Pomegranate are the perfect combination for a grown up Christmas wish.  

The French Macaron is a meringue confection made with sugar, egg whites and almond flour, with a filling that can be either ganache or buttercream, sometimes jam is used. Sounds simple, at first, but anyone who knows anything about meringue is well aware of how easy a delightful treat can become aerated concrete if not done well.

So what's owner Maureen O'Neill's secret for the perfect macaron? That's a well guarded secret, sort of, but what is shared is that Asalt and Buttery uses only all natural ingredients and flavors, including real fruit. It's not such a stretch that all those traditional flavor sources are what make the originals in France so good, but it is also the same thing that makes them so delicate with such a short perfect shelf life. .Since nothing artificial is used the general rule is buy them today, eat them tomorrow. (they freeze well, so hoarding for the holidays is perfectly acceptable.)

Located in Little Falls NJ, Asalt and Buttery will be moving to Caldwell NJ soon to a larger location soon. In the meantime visit Asalt and Buttery on Facebook or their website today to plot and plan what you'll get on your next visit. OR order online to anywhere in the country.