Sunday, November 23, 2014

SCORE! @dudeletseat just shared one of my (@johnleesandiego) photos to over 27,000 followers #tasteofmontclair @tastemontclair

When the Montclair Rotary wanted some photos of the restaurants and participants for Taste Of Montclair 2015, I sent them this photo of Asalt and Buttery's French Macarons. Then this happened:
@DudeLetsEat has over 27,000 Twitter followers and they all saw my photo
 and the Taste of Montclair tags. Woot!

 Taste of Montclair returns to Montclair on March 9 2015 followed by Montclair Restaurant Week March 9 to 15. Both events are sponsored by the Montclair Rotary.