Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Henry Hudson Drive Through Palisades Interstate Park

Constructed between 1916 and 1940, this scenic road begins at the Edgewater–Fort Lee border, winds along the Hudson River for 7 miles.

At times the roadway, built into the cliffs is several hundred metres above the river, other times it dips to just above high tide marks. It's narrow, and winding, and gorgeous - a great drive!

With today's rain many of the leaves will have dropped, but all that is green here has yet to change so there will likely be an ongoing show this week.

As the Henry Hudson drive winds through the Palisades Interstate Park  Hiking paths can be seen from the narrow roadway and in places rock steps have been created to make the steeper parts of the park more accessible to foot traffic.

There are numerous parking areas along the route so the more adventurous can get out and stroll either along the road or the trails in the woods.

To find out more about this outdoor gem visit Palisades Interstate Park