Thursday, October 11, 2012

Foodie Discovery : White Radishes At Matarazzo's Farm Stand In North Caldwell

White Radishes at Matarazzo's Farmstand in North Caldwell
White Radishes - Who Knew!

A trip to Matarazzo's Farmstand in North Caldwell is always met with discovery of new flavors. This week it's white radishes.

Obviously different in color and appearance than their bright crimson cousins these gems pack a bit more of that bite for which radishes are knownm making them the brilliant new addition to the now ordinary apple pecan salad.

When it first made the rounds on restaurant menues in the mid-90s the mixed greens with apple and pecans (or walnuts) salad, dressed in bleu cheese was ground breaking. Now its a cliche, and what's with the candied nuts? So why not spice things up a bit!

Fall Arrives At Matarazzo's in North Caldwell
Thinly sliced, these white radishes are the perfect contrast to the sweet-tart taste of the apples. The farmstand had some unusual greens including mustard kale that was a great addition to the salad. Instead of the usual bleu cheese, I picked up some local honey at Matarazzos to make a honey-mustard-vinaigrette. Sweet - tart - spicy - crunchy - the end result was a tango of taste that never would have been discovered had I stopped at Matarazzos.

Matarazzo's Farm is located on Mountain Ave in North Caldwell NJ. Jim and the gang also make appearances at local farmer's markets including Montclair, Ramsey, and Newark.