Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Think Mama Odie Has Been Workin' Some Of Her Magic In Montclair

or perhaps I got a take-away order from The French Quarter Food Truck
I Think Mama Odie's Been Workin Some Of Her Magic In Montclair
When Jambalaya looks this good you know that either Mama Odie has been working her magic or I got a take-away order from The French Quarter Food Truck in Montclair.

By now just about everyone has seen the big purple truck on the streets of Montclairm but like me you probably didn't stop because you already ate, or were about to eat at home. Stop anyway. I found the truck parked at its usual Tuesday and Thursday evening spot (Walnut Street Station), downed a bowl of Gumbo and got an order of Jambalaya to go with every intention eating it when I got home but got caught up in a whole mess of other things and stowed it in the fridge.

Come Wednesday I had a Eureka! moment and just had to share : The Jambalaya from The French Quarter Truck is great the next day! It so good in fact that I had to plate it properly to show that its more than good eats, its ideal to serve to guests! Yup, you read right, serve to guests and have them think that you got some cajun magic going on in your kitchen. Of course you can do something less lofty - pick some up the next time you see the truck and have it for lunch the next day!

SpyCam ~ It's the French Quarter Truck @TFQfoodtruckA more formal story about all of the offerings on the truck will follow soon - just had to share this news. In the meantime do a drive by and grab some authentic Cajun Cuisine. Where is the The French Quarter Food Truck today? On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the truck is usually on Park Street outside the Red Cross Building at lunchtime and at the Walnut Street Train Station at dinner time, but that's subject to change based on weather and special event. To confirm where it is today, find them on Twitter at @TFQfoodtruck and get ready for the yum.

Not familiar with Mama Odie? Seriously? She's the Voo Doo priestess who turned Princess Tiana and Naveen back into human form after having been turned into frogs by the Shadowman in Disney's "The Princess and the Frog." Tiana owned a cajun restaurant at the end of the film, making her the best Disney Princess ever! Ya know, I didn't really peer into the truck - perhaps Tiana is cooking up the eats in the truck. It is the most authentic creole cuisine I've had up North.