Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Devil Made Me Do It !

LeSalbuen ~ A Euro-Bistro in Montclair's Restaurant Renaissance17% of New Jersey's residents were born in other lands; of the other 83% a large number of them are the children of people born in other lands. About 20% of the population of the Garden State speaks a language other than English at home, this includes all those families who speak in another tongue to grandparents and older relatives. Then there's all those grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and in-laws who want to express some of the family's culinary history through food. Forget that airport, a global food journey is only a short dive away!

Starting tomorrow, 27 February 2012, and every Wednesday thereafter look for my column "Worldy Wednesday" on Devil Gourmet.  Named for the Jersey Devil, devil gourmet explores the restaurants of the Garden State.
Let's see where the journey takes us!