Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get Your Just Desserts On @VikingRiver Tor : Melting Chocolate Ganache Cake

 Each trip into the dining room on Viking Tor proved to be an overwhelming sensory samba. There were flavours, and colours, and fragrances that just beckoned to indulge.

Too often the show on the table was so engaging the passengers missed all that was to be seen along the Rhine through the windows. And none of seemed to mind.

On the last evening of the cruise, the ageless custom of the Captain's Farewell Dinner teased us with all manner of flavours.   To complete the meal, a dessert of Melting Chocolate Ganache Cake and
Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream was presented. Sheer brilliance!
More from my first Viking River Cruise aboard the Tor to follow in the coming days and weeks.