Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's World Penguin Day : Celebrate with African Penguins At Turtle Back Zoo

Jackass penguins, also known as African Penguins, hail from the rocky coasts of South Africa. That environment is not all that different than New Jersey making these penguins, and their recently expanded exhibit, ideal for Turtle Back Zoo.

The new space for penguins will allow Turtle Back Zoo to participate in breeding programs with other zoos.

When it comes to funny, Penguins know how to work it. Like so many of the exhibits at Turtle Back Zoo, the Penguin enclosure features animals that have characteristics that appeal specifically to children, in this case humor, to spark interest in the natural world. Of course many adults learn, after spending time at the zoo, that they too benefit from a day here.

Turtle Back Zoo is the Crown Jewel in the Essex County Park system. Essex County is host to the oldest county park system in the United States. Anderson Park in Montclair NJ was the first park in the county system. The great county park system, in addition to high performing public schools, has made the suburbs of Essex County the choice for Manhattanites relocating their families to the Garden State.

Turtle Back Zoo is located in West Orange NJ.