Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Single Candle ~ Inspiration from Anne Frank

“Look how a single candle
 can both defy
 and define
 the darkness.”
- Anne Frank

The world was not aware of Anne Frank’s story for years. The discovery of her diary after the war changed that. Her story put a face on the genocide in Europe and changed it from a statisic to something personal. At the time of her life, much of the world was not comfortable with Jews. They were different from those in the upper levels of society. They were just different. They were not us.

The discovery of her diary made a lot of people uncomfortable. People slowly realized that she was not all that different from them. And it made them uncomfortable. Some uncomfortable enough to move, and act, and change.

If a similar story came out of South Sudan, or Soweto, or Syria today, would we be just as uncomfortable, and perhaps seek to comfort those in the conflict?