Thursday, March 6, 2014

Starting Each Day In Gratitude : A How To Guide

"At the start of every day, I reflect on the previous day, and sometimes take a look at what's coming up in my planner, so that each day starts with a sense of gratitude."
Write them down! Writing daily gratitudes in a journal, either sentences, words, phrases, whatever works, is a great way to add depth of meaning to them. The gratitdue journal can become a great source of hope during those times when things just are not going as planned.

Find everything, anything, for which to be grateful. On those days that have less pleasant events and experiences, old stand-bys like Oreos and Iced Tea serve as great reminders of those things for which we can be grateful.

Find it, anything, start out each morning in a state of being grateful, and the blessings will follow through the day.