Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Clean Slate Monday ! And It's Raining (Again)

If it was snowing instead of raining, I would be out and about taking pictures. But alas all the leaves are brown and the sky is still grey so I will be attempt to be productive instead.
Today is Clean Slate Monday!
Everyone knows how I love Mondays as they mark the chance for endless opportunity and possibility.

Somehow Clean Slate Monday has gotten a "work" reputation, and that's great, but Clean Slate Monday is about more than seizing the moment in your profession. Return to the office on Monday and all calls should have been returned last week. Those piles of mail and files that came in all last week should be gone. Today is a brand new change to make things happen at work but why stop there?

Clean Slate Monday is about a new start, a chance to start fresh, and freshened. It can be work, and since that's where most people spend most of their waking hours it makes sense to embrace Clean Slate Monday there, but why limit it. Expand! Bring Clean Slate Monday into the rest of your life.
For me, I am using some of today's white space to include images from the blizzard a few weeks ago to highlight how I might have been distracted today if the rain were indeed snow. But alas, its rain, and other than the Great Falls at Paterson rainy weather isn't so photgenic.

The major clean slate project for the week is getting all the "I should" and "Wouldn't It Be Great If" things onto paper and into a schedule. There are things like a hedgerow of boxwood that need to be moved in the garden, and a garage door that should be painted. The enormous milk barrel I found is waiting to be painted, argyle perhaps? Once the weather is warmer, the ceiling of the enclosed porch is to be painted; and I seriously think I want to retile the bathroom. Uh Oh, this is turning into a DIY Marathon! My planner has been found and "shoulds" are entered.

And Clean Slate Monday is Clean Again!

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